Can Keratin Treatment Cause Hair Loss?

Keratin treatment is one of the most popular hair treatments that women widely use to achieve smooth, straight, glossy hair. Keratin treatment involves usage of keratin protein which is a hair protein originally present in our hair. Because of pollution and other environmental factors, excess heat and chemical styling, hair loses its natural keratin protein, and as a result, you end up with limp and lackluster hair. This is the reason why girls today opt for a keratin treatment, but similar to all other treatments, keratin treatment comes with its own set of pros and cons. Hair loss is one of the most concern post keratin treatment. Many girls are confused when it comes to keratin treatment that it may trigger hair fall, but can keratin treatment cause hair loss? We will tell you about that in this post here:

Keratin Treatment Cause Hair Loss

Keratin treatment involves use of chemicals like formaldehyde and heat. A higher degree of heat is applied to achieve the desired smoothening effect on the hair. Salons might claim that keratin treatment is 100% harmless but that’s not entirely true. Keratin treatment involves the use of a high amount of heat and many other chemicals which are harmful to your hair.

Keratin is mixed with formaldehyde which is the major chemical used in keratin treatment. This chemical is first applied to your hair using a flat iron which is used to seal the protein into your hair. Many experts have warned against keratin treatment. The major reason is that, formaldehyde which is the major chemical used in the treatment and it’s a very harsh chemical. This potentially hazardous chemical may cause cancer. Additionally, use of flat iron involves usage of 450 degrees Fahrenheit which can further damage hair and can trigger hair fall. This extremely high temperature can do irreparable damage to your hair strands and lead to hair thinning. If you have sensitive scalp and hair, keratin hair treatment can trigger hair fall.

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